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We recently moved to San Mateo and were looking for new dentist. After lot's of search I decided to go with Dr. Konrad. Today I had my new-patient exam and I was very impressed. They did show me all their new gadgets including a camera and laser and who knows what. I didn't care all that much about their fancy high-tech toys, but was impressed how low-key and nice they were too me. It gave me confidence they know what they are doing. It felt very human and real. I am bringing my wife and kids there. The front desk was was easy to work with regarding scheduling and figuring out how to get my xrays from previous dentist. There was some small hick-up with some missing xrays, but I attribute it to complexity of my situation and no miss on their end. Most importantly they didn't stress and quickly figured out how to get them.

Igor B.

I am a new patient to Dr. Konrad and he and his staff have done a great job at making me feel welcome. I've always had anxiety about going to the dentist because my tori (extra bone growth) and x-rays have never been a fun combination. My hygienist was superb about getting me through the process efficiently while still managing to get all the films he needed -- that has NEVER happened before!! Dr. Konrad and his team were very kind and calming. I like how Dr. Konrad presented a variety of options to me in my care versus pushing for what he wants. I appreciate the professionalism of everyone I came in contact with at his office. Great job.

Sherry A.

Dr. Konrad has been my dentist for over 15 years. He's definitely the best the dentist that I've seen. He was first recommended to me by one of my co-workers back when I lived in Belmont. Even after I changed jobs and moved down to Sunnyvale, I'm still driving up to his office for my bi-annual cleanings and check-ups.

Under his care, I've been through periodontal cleanings (a result of not seeing any dentist while I was in college), several cavity fillings and two root canals. Each time, the procedures went very well.

When I've had problems with my teeth or gums that I wasn't sure warranted an office visit, I've called and left a message with his office. Dr. Konrad has always called me back with advice, and he's even called me up a few days later on his own accord to see how I'm doing.

I also like that Dr. Konrad keeps up with the latest technologies. For example, he's upgraded to a digital x-ray machine and recently acquired a laser cavity detector. And I like that he doesn't automatically inject me with the maximum amount of pain killers but rather goes on an as-needed basis.

I've never had problems with scheduling or re-scheduling appointments at his office. Nor have I ever had problems with coverage from my insurance, Delta Dental. I've also found his hygienist and office staff to be friendly and professional as well. I highly recommend Dr. Konrad!

Linda W.

I've been coming here as long as I can remember and they like to show me just how long by the embarrassing picture on my chart taken when I was probably 10 if not younger! But it's all in good fun. The staff here is great, including of course, Dr. Konrad. I'm not sure anyone "enjoys" going to the dentist but this office makes it as an enjoyable experience as it can be. To be honest the subject of dentistry didn't come up very often in my everyday life but when it does I jump at the chance to tell everyone how great Dr. Konrad and his staff are!

Autumn S.

My wife and I were on the lookout for a good dentist. We moved here from out of state and were spoiled by having an exceptional dentist for the last ten years. So we were apprehensive in finding a dentist here who met our high standards. Dr. Konrad is such a dentist!

Over the last couple of weeks, we had our routine exams and cleaning as well as some dental work (dental fillings, wisdom teeth extraction, and a crown); the experience was exceptional. We especially liked three key things about Dr. Konrad: bedside manner, patience and expertise.

Dr. Konrad was very pleasant in his interactions. In this day and age of increasingly short attention spans, Dr. Konrad stood out with his meticulousness, his patience and his attention to detail. We felt he was giving us his full attention.

Dr. Konrad patiently answered our questions. At no point, did we feel he was being commercially pushy and he gave the options e.g. monitor some teeth with cavities rather than extract them at the next immediate visit unlike other dentists who are aggressive in selling you treatments.

We were impressed both with his expertise in and knowledge of the latest dentistry techniques. He has a very steady hand and explains step-by-step what he's doing when he's working on you for dental work. I appreciated his detailed description when he was getting the tooth ready for crown and then adding in the crown. He also has lot of cool toys (e.g. a dental camera which projects onto a screen in real-time where you can see each of your teeth up close; different lasers to detect cavities and of course the ubiquitous X-rays).

His support staff, dental assistant Roger and hygienist Dee, front desk personnel, Jaime and Edna, were amazing. It's clear that they love coming to work at the practice and it shows through their behavior and work ethic.

We can see why Dr. Konrad has patients for life.

Rahul D.

Excellent dentist, best I've ever had. Explains in as much detail as you want, and does a great job.

Anon P.

Like most of us a visit to the dentist is not high on my list of fun things to do however; once I do trust my dentist is is difficult to change. I had been seeing the same dentist in San Jose for nearly 20 years but once I retired it did not make sense to drive to San Jose for a dentist visit.

A friend suggested Dr. Konrad and I gave him a try, he could not be more professional and takes the time necessary to explain what is going on and what the course of treatment he suggest. I had a crown fall out (that he had not put in place), his staff got me in quickly and Dr. Konrad got the crown back in. It was all done within two days of my original call.

Doctors are a very individual thing but if you are looking for a highly professional dentist who takes the time to explain procedures, options, and cost then it is Dr. Konrad and his team.

H M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Konrad's for over 10 years now. I am lucky in that I don't have too many issues with my teeth, mostly receding gums and staining so I come every 3 months for a professional cleaning.
Dr. Konrad is wonderful. He is conservative and never suggests something I don't need and also gives me options. He is pleasant and thorough with my twice a year check-ups.

There has been some turnover in the front office staff. Currently, it is Andrea, and she is very sweet and calm. I have never had a problem with my scheduled appointments, and she is timely in returning calls or checking my insurance coverage.

Dr. Konrad accepts Delta Dental, Cigna, and Aetna.

Wanda Y.

I've gone to HORRIFIC dentists in the past, so it's nice to finally go to a dentist that respects me and my time. Dr. Konrad is thorough, kind, and explains what he is prepared to do to my teeth. The hygienists are also kind, and one actually chatted with me about The Walking Dead, which calmed my nerves considerably.

So to sum it up, I've never had a negative experience here which still shocks me because I once went to a dentist that accidentally drilled a hole in my tongue. Five stars!

Krystle C.

I finally found a great dentist in San Mateo! After combing through a ton of reviews and visiting two other dentist offices that were not a fit, I finally found Dr. Konrad's office. At first I just made an appointment for my boyfriend who is the really picky one. I figured if he liked them, they must be awesome. Well, he loved Dr. Konrad and so do I but it's also the office staff. Everyone is so friendly, professional and helpful. They have separate offices for each patient, not the open chairs like so many dentists have these days. They have newish equipment and seem to stay up to date on what new technology is available. They email and/or text appointment reminders. Their follow through is great and it's easy to make an appointment. I would highly recommend!

Stacey H.

Stan is the most fastidious dentist I've ever had. I trust him with my smile and won't go anywhere else! The hygienists are fabulous!

Jenna C.

I have gone to Dr Konrad's for 25+ years, ever since I was a kid. Dr Konrad and staff are so friendly and going in for a checkup at the office always feels like being among family. Everyone is down to earth and keep up to date with you from the last visit. Cleaning is very thorough. The only difference now is the cleaning doesn't feel as painful as it used to; my theory is either these chompers are better taken care of or the hygienists are extremely careful.

My latest visit: gums were really sensitive d/t flossing ever since I was pregnant w my first. Tried flossing twice a day esp in time to get my teeth cleaned. Never used to do that, but even still gums would feel sore after a flossing, no bleeding though. Turns out my teeth were fine, thank goodness. Never knew you can floss too hard, but turns out that's what happened on top of the hormone changes. Dr Konrad and Roy my hygienist were very reassuring in answering my questions.

They stay on top of new technology which is really cool. Dr Konrad uses his new gadget the carieview cam, which detects early signs of cavity.. you will be in for a treat; its like looking at your teeth and saliva bubbles, up close and personal.

Dr Konrad and staff are very friendly and good about answering your questions. Only downside is having to take xrays once per year, which is way too often imo, though probably just the standard for the times.

Dr Konrad's business has grown really tech savvy and they send all kinda of reminders via email, text so you don't forget your appt, which is really helpful!

Jane L.

Just got my cleaning done a couple weeks after Dr. Konrad did my root canal. I must say it was the most thorough examination that I've ever had in my life and I've had A LOT of dental work done, in SF, LA, and outside of the country. He used several new technologies that I've never seen before and actually SHOWS you in HD, on a monitor, all the work that's been done, existing and previous damage. Roan, the dental hygienist was also extremely thorough in his cleaning. I'm positive that my next experience will be just as great.

gary l.

As someone who hates going to the dentist, I've had nothing but pleasant experiences here. The staff are all kind and make me feel calm (or calmer than usual!) When I had a dental emergency, they were able to fit me in right away.

Lisa F.

Love him; have gone to Dr. Konrad for years and raised my two sons under his care too. My sons never ever were worried about going to the dentist; not once. The toy box in the early years helped but truly Dr. Konrad and his staff are courteous, caring, take their time, are patient and do a great job. They use new technology and continue evolving as the field does. Love love love them.

A C S.

Dr. Stan Konrad is the best dentist around. His advanced technology, his incredible experience, his passion for dentistry and his amazing staff makes the going to the dentist a breeze! I've known this dental group for years. They are the BEST!

Joanne S.

I hate the dentist. I am a total dentist avoid-er. I am luckily also blessed with excellent dental genes (apparently). So before I saw Dr. Konrad it had been probably 5 years since my last dental visit.

I was shocked to spend my first hour of the appointment with an actual dentist! It was the most thorough, detailed exam I've ever had. He explained everything he was doing and didn't judge me for my dental procrastination. His assistant was also great and was very patient when doing my x-rays.

The 2nd hour of the appointment was spent getting a cleaning done which was also awesome. No painful, reckless poking and scraping going on. Everything was done with care and precision. Also my teethies felt great afterwards!

It was easy to get an appointment, they offer super early hours (great if you want to go before work) and accept Guardian insurance - YAY!

I definitely recommend this dental practice to anyone.

Lindsay S.

I have been coming to Dr. Konrad and his amazing hygienists for a decade and have always had a very pleasant experience even during those not so pleasant dental procedures. Whether it be Dee or Rowan taking care of my teeth cleaning that day I know I am in great hands. Both are very gentle and thorough and make the time fly by. Dr. Konrad is a consummate professional who has transformed my once D- teeth into A+ reports every time I leave. Their staff is always pleasant and professional. My Mom goes there as well and we couldn't be happier to have found such a great team for our sparkling smiles! :)

Sarah J.

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